Designed in Australia, the HYBRiD 550 is a sea kayak like no other.

Its ageless shape is influenced by the graceful lines of Greenland style kayaks.
However, unlike Greenland style kayaks, its cargo capacity makes for a perfect all-round design, including day, weekend and expedition paddling.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike, with a body weight from 50 to 90kg (110-200lb).
The HYBRiD 550 cockpit opening will accommodate male paddlers with up to 34" pants size
and female paddlers up to size 12.

The extra room for your thighs helps with bracing and the relatively low back assists with rolling.
The footpegs provide solid support and are easily adjustable from the seated position.

Standard equipment also includes hip blocks and a polyurethane backrest,
which will not absorb water.

The choice of three (3) different sized seats and the ability to further fine tune by sanding
the high density foam, truly makes them a custom fit.

The ergonomics are one thing but equally important are the technical aspects.

The HYBRiD 550 hull tracks straight, turns when desired and all with a minimum of effort.
You paddle the HYBRiD 550 more like a skeg boat but instead of trimming the skeg,
you simply toe tap the rudder.
Our rudder blade is guaranteed for life against accidental breakage, a first in the kayaking industry!

For no extra cost, you can order the front bulkhead in a position, which suits the length
of your legs. This minimizes the floodable volume of the cockpit whilst at the same time
increasing the cargo space in the front compartment.

The 'paddle park' located on the aft deck assists with self rescue.
The 6.5mm (1/4") thick perimeter deck lines and the allocated space for an electric or foot operated bilge pump, contribute to safety at sea.

Three (3) hatches will keep your gear secure and dry and the fourth (4) front hatch will
accommodate most of the personal items, which otherwise you may have no option,
but to carry in your PFD. 

The HYBRiD 550 is the first ever sea kayak which allows you to reach and store bulky objects (like a helmet) in the hatch behind you. This hatch is centred, in order to be accessible
regardless from which side the waves are coming.

Every single deck fitting serves a purpose, including spare paddle storage behind the paddler,
sail option in the front and other deck fittings double as security and towing points.

The deck area around the cockpit is kept clean and unobstructed.
This is important because kayakers hands should never come in contact with protruding
skeg control knobs, deck fittings, excessive use of bungee cords or whatever else...
the marketing department ordered to have installed.

And last, but not forgotten are the recessed spherical toggles, that won't bang all day long!

Buying directly from the manufacturer you're saving at least $800.
At this stage we have no dealers. All above prices are factory direct, thank you.

   Price:          $ 3,690

  Length:   550cm (18ft)
  Beam:      53cm (21")
  Weight:  22.5kg (49lb)
  Cockpit:       70x36cm

  Shape:            hybrid 
  Designed by: Andre J
  Launched:   Jan 2011

If you are in the market for a quality sea kayak, do this simple 10 point check and compare:

 1. Is the bonding resin EPOXY and if not, why not?
 2. Is the hull and the deck Kevlar and is it taped on both sides with Kevlar tape?
 3. How thick is the hull and the deck and does the stated weight include all the hatch covers?
 4. Is the manufacturer using pieces of Kevlar materials or one continuous length?
 5. How well does the cockpit integrate the thigh braces and how well do you fit in?
 6. Is there provision for installing essential safety equipment like a foot (or electric) bilge pump?
 7. Is there special provision for self rescue, like the use of a paddle float?
 8. Can you store a spare paddle on the aft deck and are the perimeter lines 6.5mm (1/4") thick?
 9. Can you adjust the footpegs whilst seated and how supportive is the seat and the backrest? 
10. Is the manufacturer contributing $500 of your money to a not-for-profit kayak project?

SORIC 3mm thick
 Construction materials:
 Kevlar deck
 Kevlar hull
 internal keel strip.
Construction method:
Vacuum Infusion 
EPOXY Resin Transfer  
with oven heat cure.

HYBRiD Colors
  Available colors:

  Arctic White deck
  and hull    
  Midnight Black
  deck and hull
  Sunset Orange deck
  with Mist Gray hull

 Direct manufacturer   
 price $3,690

The best pump on the  market
   Bulkhead mounted 
   quality foot pump kit.

   Every sea kayak
   should be equipped
   with a hands free
   bilge pump! 
   Weight:  750g  (26oz)

    Price:    $140

HYBRiD Spray Skirt

  HYBRiD design
  Double Strap
  neoprene spray skirt

  Weight: 480g  (17oz)

  Price:   $100

Dream paddle, great price!
  HYBRiD design paddle

  foam core
  carbon blades,  
  carbon shaft oval on
  both sides,  
  adjustable from
  205 to 215 cm
  (80.7 to 84.6")

  Weight: 700g  (24.7oz)

  Price:  $425

Expedition quality kayak sail
   HYBRiD design
   Telescopic Kayak Sail
   Expedition grade

   Minimum footprint 
   without interfering
   with kayak cockpit.
  Weight: 950g  (33.5oz)

  Price:  $495

  MSR tents/stoves/bags

  Australian stock.
  Australian warranty.

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